Bat Profiles

  1. Huge middle bow with a high sweet spot.
    Light pick up weight.
    Great shape for a top order batsman who plays on fast hard wickets.
    An oval handle shape is recommended.
  2. Big low bow with a middle to low sweet spot.
    Superb pick up and feel for the middle order batsman who loves  to drive.
    Great choice for batsman (over 6ft) who tends to strike the ball lower down on the bat and is used to a short handle bat.
  3. Slight or no bow with a low, middle or high sweet spot.
    This is a great profile for the all round cricketer who plays the ball late.

Handle shapes

The most popular handle shape is oval at the bottom and round at the top. Some players prefer  the old school round handle while others like a square shape for the bottom hand. If you have a text book grip I will shape the handle to suite you, so that every time you pick up the bat your grip will remain the same.

Sizes available

Senior bats: 
Normal size Short Handle,  Long Handle & Super short.
20/20 style long handle with a  shorter blade.
Long handle and long blade or super short handle long blade.
Junior bats:  
Normal size Harrow. Sizes 6, 5 and 4.
Shorter handle with a longer blade on request.
The game of cricket is changing all the time and so are the profiles on bats.
Cricket is a massive confidence game and with the correct bat you will improve as a batsman, but you need to decide what pick up weight, length and profile suits you.
It is also very important that the shape of the handle is comfortable and the correct  length.
If you are a serious young batsman, it does not help your development by purchasing a bat that is too heavy or big for you.
Think about these questions before choosing  your bat.
  1. Where do you bat in the order?
  2. What type of wicket do you play on?  (Slow, medium, quick?)
  3. What type of shots do you like playing?
  4. Where do you hit the most balls on the bat? (Low, middle or high?)
  5. Are you a right or left handed batsman?
  6. How old and tall are you?
  7. What type of stance do you have?
  8. How strong are your forearms and wrists?
  9. What level of cricket do you play?

If  you are still unsure contact me for the correct advice.

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